Salesforce is the platform of choice for Lucid to roll-out most of our products - a platform that is globally accepted for its versatility and robustness. Our products portfolio ranges from generic business and operations resources to special made-to-order applications that require data intelligence and complex integration's. From simple appexchange designs to out-of-the box products that undergo heavy customization to accommodate client specifications - you name it, we have it.
  • Applications for all - tomorrow’s technology shaped to meet today’s need; with advanced customization and the latest updates from Salesforce releases.

  • Only the best - developers at Lucid are recruited from the best talent available, guaranteeing product miles ahead of the rest.

  • Keeping pace with the world - knowledge sharing partnerships with Salesforce partners and a team of certified developers to get the best of what is out there.


Identifying the need for highly adaptable plug-and-play products in today's market, we have come up with a plethora of products that can be immediately deployed with and customized to achieve customer desired outputs. These applications are extremely useful in accelerating work by tramping up productivity and have been hugely successful both at operational and individual levels. What's more, our team can bootstrap any existing product to suit your specific need! No longer be satisfied with pedestrian work at great costs and lengthy timelines. Transform the manner in which you view product development. Just ask Lucid!

  • Re-tested products that feature 100% glitch free functioning smooth user interface and remarkable ease-of-use.

  • Superior support network for all our products, with built in trouble-shooting and 24x7 help centers to get you back up in no time.

  • Easily implementable - regardless of operating environment - with high performance and efficiency across systems. Lucid products are known for their ruggedness and adaptability!

  • Lucid products are far ahead of the Cost vs. Competency curve which is followed as an industry standard. Our products are affordable yet reliable, and 100% compliant with the latest data security norms that your firm may follow.

  • Our products are great building blocks that can help you scale into a complex network of overlapping dependencies to achieve your result - in no time at all!

Simple, Fast, Accurate

Over the years lucid has provided support software for a host of firms with great success. From creating Virtual Performance Platforms and E-Learning tools to developing enterprise and personal cloud, mobile applications, at Lucid we have made it all possible. Our products are not aimed to propagate the 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Rather, it is all about being market-ready with the correct building blocks and blue-prints that allow you to meet every challenge head-on. At Lucid, we have a plan for you, and it’s simple, fast and accurate.

Our Clients