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Bharathiyam is a devotional app developed by Ramanujan Info Solutions and Services. It is available in major Indian languages such as a) Telugu, b) Hindi, c) Kannada, d) Tamil and e) English. In future the app will be available in more Indian languages. It provides information about a) Temples b) Acharyas c) Pujari d) Madhavseva and e) a) Temples: Under this service, the app provides information about majority of temples from all over the world. It includes the information such as history, festivals celebrated, route map to reach that place. You can search for temples in any particular area and the app displays all the temples nearby. It also has a payment gateway for booking darshan, pooja services through online. b) Acharyas : We believe that Gurus our messengers to God, so thru this section our app provides biography of guru, links to audio and video speeches of the Guru. c) Pujari: In this section user can get information about nearby Hindu Pujari list and can contact with them as well as they can registered them self as a Pujari and also can discuss various topics. d) Madhavseva: This feature is for who wish to offer services in temples. In popular devasthanas where pilgrims visit in thousands every day, they recruit devotees who wish to perform service in the temple. Once you download this mobile application and enroll your details, you will get Seva notifications if there are any slots. Bharathiyam makes this feature possible very soon by liaising with respective temple officials. e). More: Under this service, the app provides option to join devotional groups or communities. Users can also create a group or join the group and can participate in discussions. Important: Dharmasandehlu: Under this section user can ask any quires and vidhis of doing Pooja as well as can give feedback for existing questions. Goseva: We also believe that Cow is the most sacred thing on this world and Under this service we bring all the people or organizations who are working hard to save the holy cow which is our own. Ashrams: Under this section user can find out Ashrams details,and also able to give the suggestion of their nearby or know ashrams so we can update the data. Vedhpathshala: Under this section user can find out Vedhpathshala details,and also able to give the suggestion of their nearby or know Vedhpathshala so we can update the data. Gallery: Under this section you can check image of the Madhavseva events. Media For many of us our day starts with devotional songs like Suprabatam, stotram or bhakti songs. Here one can find stotras about many Gods both in Audio and Video formats.

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